Print Mediums

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Print Media Services

Simplify and automate the production process with tools designed to streamline the management of your project. Online and on-site print management put you in the driver’s seat while digital asset management makes promotional mailings and print-on-demand a snap.

Digital Asset Management

Build a library of resources at your fingertips – brand components, logos, photos and campaign versions. Digital asset management provides an easily accessed archive for what has come before and what will happen next. Whether the images are yours, ours or from a third party, we can help manage and utilize those assets.

Direct Mail

Reach out to hundreds or thousands with targeted direct mailings. Using your current database or one we help you put together, direct mail is a great way to meet new customers where they feel most comfortable – at work or at home.


Minimize waste by printing only what you need, when you need it. Perfect for short commercial runs, print-on-demand makes the re-printing of brochures, flyers and postcards easier, economical and efficient.

Digital Printing

Customer Service is a key component to our digital printing process. After a job is uploaded to the website, the CSRs begin the process from verifying file integrity to on-time shipping. For maximum output and fastest delivery, our Production departments operate in three shifts.

CR8VMNDS also specializes in short-run orders, but the firm offers so much more. In print production, CR8VMNDSonly uses premium paper with brightness of 96 — consistency in quality is the key for the firm’s towering return-customer rate. To ensure each print job has crisp color and sharp lines, our colors are computer controlled at 500 line screen on every job. We offer a wide range of finishes including Matte, Spot UV, Full UV, Spot AQ, and other coating options.

CR8VMNDS offers some of the best prices, and is equipped to handle any print job at any time. We stand behind our quality, delivery, price and customer service. Introducing new products and new ways to help our clients achieve a greater ROI on their marketing.

In addition, CR8VMNDS has introduced a full service large format printing division, that include indoor and outdoor banners, rigid boards, giant posters, car magnets and other large format print capabilities. With a large market in high customer demand, CR8VMNDS has been able to become  a leader in Atlanta with our high quality and competitive prices we will continue to grow in this industry.

Do more than just mail. Advance your marketing efforts by utilizing the latest mailing technologies – address printing, intelligent inserting, intelligent mail bar coding and more.

Our Print Media Service Keys


Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest software enabling fast and easy web-driven, automated fulfillment. Document customization, editing control and re-purposing helps reduce costs while you maintain full control over kit contents and document expiration for both hardcopy and electronic storage and fulfillment.

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Large Printing Format

Spread your message as widely as possible with an extensive array of choices in wide format graphics. Indoors or outdoors, temporary or long-term, murals to billboards, large format printing works on a variety of substrates including vinyl, cloth, polymers and photo paper.

At CR8VMNDS, our dependability, efficiency, on-time delivery and knowledge ensure a successful project time after time.

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Stop traffic and promote your business with vibrant indoor and outdoor large format, full-color graphics. Point-of-sale, on-location or at sponsored events, indoor and outdoor printed pieces communicate your message to your target audience in a unique manner. Whether you say it on a building wall or with a series of hanging banners, indoor/outdoor has a wide range of options to help you gain optimal visibility.

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Meet and greet prospective clients and industry professionals in style. At CR8VMNDS, we pride ourselves on our trade show display expertise. In order to understand your needs and expectations, our professionals ask questions, listen carefully and work hard to get your company noticed. With a wide variety of trade show display elements to work with, our state-of-the-art services allow for full finishing capabilities, custom fabricating, crating and a full complement of portable and permanent display systems

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Sustainable Materials and Substrates

CR8VMNDS has taken the initiative and grown into an environmentally friendly corporation by taking significant steps in their production of print products.

Our contractor printers were the first in the nation to begin using soy-oil based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ink. Also known as vegetable-oil ink, soy ink is a great advancement in the print industry. Soy ink is a safe and environmentally friendly ink because of its simple compound compared to petroleum–based ink. Using a simple process to make the ink, it consumes very little energy and makes it very efficient. Soy ink has many great advantages; one is its distinguishable clearness which allows for brighter colored ink, which petroleum-based ink do not allow because of its darker content. Thus soy inks are popular for their vibrant colors. Soy ink can also be easily removed from paper, which is helpful in paper recycling, as it is quicker to process the paper. As the print industry evolves, soy ink becomes an increasingly popular alternative.

Using unique Aqueous and UV coatings, CR8VMNDS has shifted yet another critical step in producing environmentally friendly print products. The coatings which consist of very low to zero traces of volatile organic compounds (VOC) reduce harmful components that damage the atmosphere and the surrounding environments. Impregnated washing systems are used for press rollers and blankets which consist of minute traces of VOCs. Fountain solutions are free of or use reduced VOC solutions.  Our printers are always on a constant lookout for safer and more environmentally friendly press room products, recycles all solutions and removes hazardous waste from their facilities, preventing it from getting into the natural environment. CR8VMNDS  production facilities are all alcohol-free environments using only alcohol substitutes as well. Continued development in press room products assures only the safest solutions will be used in our partner print facilities.